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  • GREAT GIFT FOR DOG LOVERS – There are more dog people than cat people in the world, unite & rejoice!
  • MISS YOUR DOG? – Most dog lovers would bring their fur-baby with them, this is the next best thing!
  • GREAT CONVERSATION STARTER –Dog lovers tend congregate, let this notebook help that process along
  • HIGH QUALITY DOG JOURNAL – Quality made w/laminated covers in case Fido tries to eat your homework
  • PERFECT JOURNAL FOR DOGGY SHOPPING LISTS – Keep that list handy, and never run out of treats!

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Cats? Who needs ‘em. Dogs are the best pets ever, and you know it. Your friends know it. Your parents know it. The entire world knows it. If you agree, this notebook is for you. Dogs would never intentionally knock down your glass of water from the table. Your dog would never drag kitty litter throughout the house and onto your bed. Your dog would never try to eat your beloved state fair goldfish. And your dog would definitely never plot your death like it’s their job. Your dog unconditionally loves you, and would follow you to the end of the world. Let’s celebrate that fluffy little pupper. Let’s face it. Dogs are your world. Whether you like tiny teacup chihuahuas, or are more into the larger breeds – we’ve got a notebook for you. Just look at the little Frenchies taking the world by storm. What about that sweet little Corgi – and it’s jiggly, wiggly booty. From Boxers to Poodles, and Cocker Spaniels to Yorkshire Terriers – there’s a dog out there for you. And this notebook says it all. Even if dogs aren’t your world, you’re probably thinking this would be a great gift for that dog lover in your life. You are correct. The lined pages make this the perfect notebook for keeping to-do lists, notes from class, or it’s a great option for that journaler. The best part – the handsome little puppies on the front cover and the pages. If dog hair is your glitter, or if you’d rather be sipping coffee and snuggling with your fur-baby; if you strive to be the person your dog thinks you are or if you’ve got a tough life, but your dog is always there for you; or, if you’ve got a cute wagging tail greeting you at the door every day… this notebook is for you.

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  1. doggwalkers

    Literally the cutest notebook ever, I had to buy it because of the dog on the front cover. The little dog doodles on the inside pages are so great too. Obsessed with this notebook. Would recommend/buy it again 🙂

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